2017 Chevy Silverado Z71- Correction and Opti-Coat Pro+

We put in a lot of hours yesterday to take care of a long time customer. Our customers drove almost 2 hours for us to correct and protect his brand new Chevrolet Z71 Silverado. In 16 hours(Straight) we eliminated the swirls and scratches the dealership added, and locked in that beautiful black paint with Optimum Polymer Technologies Opti-Coat Pro Plus.

I was able to get before and after shots, but being on a very strict time schedule I didn’t take any during pictures of the swirl marks and scratches. Machine compounded knocked down all of the swirl marks and almost all of the scratches, the machine polishing step refined the paint down even further, and the final polishing step with the Optimum Primer Polish delivered us the gold. No swirls, no scratches, but more importantly no marring that is caused by the softness this paint is known for. With the exception of the time crunch, this job went swimmingly.

We’ll post Exterior daylight pics when the truck is back for it’s inspection hand wash in 2 weeks which comes complimentary every Opti-Coat Pro Plus booking. Stay tuned!


I was able to catch this one just as I finished. I was sitting there admiring the finish it occurred to me to take a pic. 



“Why can’t our old rides look new?” – Audi A4 Cabriolet

We gave this recently purchased Audi A4 a new lease on life after renewing the exterior with some Paintless Dent Repair by Adlis Paintless Dent Repair, followed with some light Paint Correction with our Ultimate Exterior Package. We spruced up and sanitized the interior by removing embedded dirt and oil lodged in the cracks of the tan leather seats, door panels, and steering wheel. As well as accumulation in the vents, dash, and center console. The right options to get this A4 looking new again. Perfect going into Summer.

Before the dent was removed.

After the dent was removed. Due to the sharpness of the dent, the dent is 95% removed.

Range Rover Envoque – Opti-Coat Pro Plus

When the surface looks like glass, you know there’s a ceramic coating on the paint. This Envoque has thee most dependable, strongest, and as you can see glossiest coating on the market, Opti-Coat Pro+. Before applying however, removed the “Range Rover” lettering on the hood and rear deck since it had burned edges, and chips in its finish, we then extensively machine Compounded the paint to eliminate severe damage cause by a dealerships attempt at detailing. We then proceeded to take it further with 2 polishing steps to get the paint near perfect+. We reapplyed brand new badges to the hood and deck, filled and corrected numerous rock chips, and locked it all in for good with Opti-Coat Pro+.

Overall, this is exactly what we were dealing without throughout the whole surface of the paint.

Here we have the Before and After Pictures of the “Range Rover” Debadge & Replacement.

When swirls, scratches, and even marring are present, you can see how combined they refract the light coming off of the paint, giving the paint a faded, almost oxidized appearance. Proper correction and the paint is leveled down accordingly allowing the light to be fully absorbed, giving off an incredibly deep gloss and shine to the paint.

Audi A4 – Intensive Paint Correction & Gloss-Coat

This 10 year old, 100+k mile Audi A4 looks as good as it did when it rolled off the lot for the first time after we completed our Ultimate Exterior Detail and locked it in with Gloss-Coat Ceramic Coating. Machine compounding knocked down years of instilled scratches and swirl marks that caused the paint to appear faded. Machine polishing to refine the paint to its proper depth and clarity. Finally Gloss-Coat for 2+ years of protection from the elements, added gloss, and for ease of maintenance.

We’ve gotten notoriously less proactive with taking “During” photos of 50/50’s, before and after side by sides and we apologize about that. When we’re in a set rhythm dialing in the paint, it can be hard to stop, disrupt that flow, and set up the pictures. However we do our absolute best to take before and after pics. Below is the overall condition of the paint.

Once those holograms, swirls, and scratches are eliminated, the paint reveals a deep wet gloss. 

Jaguar XKR – Signature Exterior & Gloss-Coat

This beautiful Jaguar XKR looks even better now after an intensive 1 step polish to knock down light defects and add some great gloss to the paint. Once we wrapped that up, we topped the paint with 2 coats of Gloss-Coat to really amp things up. Now the paint looks like glass and better, no waxing for 2+ years and easier washing to boot.