Modesta Premium Coatings

Please Note: The following prices listed are the starting prices for the selected services. We reserve the right of refusal if the service selected would negatively affect the final look and durability of the finished product. For example, excessively contaminated or heavily scratched vehicles would not be eligible for the Basic Service.


This package offers the fundamental necessities for ceramic coating application, ideal for vehicles without intricate paintwork or commercial vehicles unaffected by swirl marks and scratches.

  • Wheels & Tires Cleaned
  • Foam e Soak & Iron Decontamination
  • 2 Bucket Hand Wash
  • Clay Decontamination
  • Towel & Air Dry
  • Tires & Trim Dressed
  • P-01A Primer Application
  • Application of chosen coating to the paint, headlights, & taillights.
  • IR Lamb Cured
  • M1-Shot Top Coat Application
BC-08 (2-3 Year): $945*
BC-X (4-6 Year): $1,345*
BC-04 (7-10 Year): $1,945*

This package includes a one-step polish to eliminate imperfections like holograms and light swirl marks. This process not only enhances the vehicle’s appearance but also ensures an optimal surface for the ceramic coating to bond effectively.

  • All items included in the Basic Package.
  • Machine Polishing step
BC-08 (2-3 Year): $1,145*
BC-X (4-6 Year): $1,545*
BC-04 (7-10 Year): $2,145*

Building upon the prior package’s emphasis on surface preparation and light defect removal, this option incorporates machine compounding to address light to moderate imperfections, achieving an impressive 80-95% correction to the paint. All features included in the Standard package are retained, ensuring an optimal surface for ceramic coating application.

  • All Items included in the Basic Package
  • Machine Compounding
  • Machine Polishing
  • Finish Polishing Step
BC-08 (2-3 Year): $1,395*
BC-X (4-6 Year): $1,795*
BC-04 (7-10 Year): $2,395*

With up to a decade of durability and protection, this coating provides outstanding safeguarding for matte surfaces while maintaining their natural appearance. By adding minimal shine and enhancing color saturation, BC-M offers exceptional protection to matte PPF, wraps, and especially matte paint, preserving their original look.

  • Wheels & Tires Cleaned
  • Foam Pre-Soak & Iron Decontamination
  • 2 Bucket Hand Wash
  • Clay Decontamination
  • Towel & Air Dry
  • Tires & Trim Dressed
  • Application of coating to the paint, headlights, & taillights.
  • IR Lamb Cured
  • M1-Shot Top Coat Application
BC-Matte $1,945*

A 2-part Marine Coating specially designed to protect boats and other watercraft. With this coating, maintenance and cleaning are a breeze, even below the water line. It significantly reduces the buildup of grime and slime on the immersed parts of the craft, keeping it looking great and performing well for longer. Enjoy more time on the water with our Marine Coating.

  • Foam Pre-Soak & Iron Decontamination
  • 2 Bucket Hand Wash
  • Clay Decontamination
  • Machine Compounding*
  • Machine Polishing*
  • Application of coating to the gelcoat.

* Machine Compounding & Polishing are additional.

$150* Per Square Foot
Wheel coating

This highly concentrated Per-Hydro-Polysilazane (PHPS) coating creates a durable heat resistant hydrophilic layer that stands up to the high heat environment of our wheels while improving scratch resistance and preventing impurities from sticking to the wheels surface, perfect for keeping your wheels clean and protected for a long time.

Starting at $575 for 4 wheels – Prep & Coating
Glass coating

Improve your driving experience with our carefully formulated blend of silica resins that creates a microscopic hydrophobic layer on the surface of your vehicle’s exterior glass. This coating not only enhances visibility during rainy weather but also inhibits adhesion of insects, grime, and other dirt to the glass, helping to keep your windshield clean. Plus, its hydrophobic characteristics make it easier to remove ice and snow during winter weather.

Windshield Only: $225
All Exterior Glass: $545
Plastic coating

Restore uncoated surfaces by adding saturation and enhancing color depth. Not only does it restore the surface, but it also provides protection against further UV damage and oxidation, ensuring the longevity of the material.

EPC can also protect the factory new plastic parts of your vehicle without significantly altering their appearance or texture. With long-term protection, you can feel confident that your vehicle’s exterior plastic will stay looking new for years to come.

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Exterior Paint Coatings


Durability: 2 – 3 Years

This neosillica matrix coating is an amazing coating designed for daily-driven vehicles. Its three-dimensional matrix creates excellent water repellency and self-cleaning properties, so you can keep your vehicle looking its best with less effort. The coating’s thick layer acts like a self-scarifying barrier, protecting your vehicle’s finish from scratches, marring, and other environmental hazards. This means you can drive with confidence, knowing your vehicle is protected from the elements.


Durability: 4 – 6 Years

Introducing BC-X, Modesta’s newest mid-tier coating for your vehicle. Positioned nicely between BC-08 and BC-04, it provides excellent value for money. Not only does it enhance the appearance of your car’s painted and plastic parts, but it also has impressive hydrophobic properties that keep your vehicle clean with minimal maintenance. BC-X is a reliable and cost-effective way to protect your car.


Durability: 7 – 10 Years

This innovative coating is a pure glass formula that is exceptionally durable and produces a bright, radiant shine. Specifically engineered to reflect light with specific wavelengths, it instantly adds luminosity and gloss to any surface. By combining the best attributes of the original Pure Liquid Glass coatings with the highest quality nano-grade titanium, this new formula creates an even deeper shine and enhances reflections on painted surfaces.