Discounts & Specials

Our services and subsequently their listed starting prices are set and based entirely on time and labor needed to complete those tasks. Our shop rate is $65 per hour and the prices listed are priced with that in mind. They are set higher or lower again depending on how long they take and the level of skill needed to complete those tasks. With that in mind we do periodically offer specials when we can do so, whether it be ceramic coatings attained at a discount which we then pass on to our clients, or a discount on a service when we are training new staff or want to fill our schedule a little more. There are also 2 groups of people who are eligible for a discount. First responders and military personal both active and veterans which are listen below. Those discounts can not be combined and can not be used towards any specials or offers currently running.

  • Police & Firefighters: 10%
  • Active & Veterans: 15%

We also periodically offer great deals to our existing clients exclusively as a thank you for their patronage. Only way to know or get those deals is to give us a shot.

If we have any specials running, they’ll be listed below.

Midwinter Special

No car looks good covered in that grey film of salt and deicing chemicals that lace the roads. That same salt gets inside and coats the dash, consoles, seats, and floor mats. Book this special, and get that film removed, some durable protection added, and a proper refresh of the interior in a quick visit.The sooner the better with doing so as those very chemicals are damaging to bare surfaces, and can reduce the longevity of waxes and sealants if not removed. Midwinter Detail Special Includes the Following:

  • Hand Wash and Decon
  • Hand Wax with a durable silica based sealant. (3 to 6 months durability)
  • Wheels & Tires Cleaned
  • Tires & Trim Dressed
  • Windows & Jambs Cleaned & Protected
  • Quick Vacuuming & Interior Wipe-down.

Prices are as follows:

  • Small Coupes: $160
  • Sedans: $180
  • Small SUV’s & Single Cab Pickups: $200
  • Large SUV’s & Ext Cab Pickups: $225
  • XLG SUV’s & Crew Cab Pickups: $250

 Please note; Excessively soiled interior will be charged accordingly, this package is a refresh for interiors, not a reconditioning. Excessive is self explanatory but also includes excess sand, any pet hair, heavy stains and/or malodor.