For the sake of simplicty, I will be doing this section in first person. It’s both easier to write and personal that way.

William – Owner/Operator

Let’s address the obvious upfront. Standing at 6’4″ with a robust frame, my towering appearance can be quite intimidating to most and potentially off-putting to some. Surprisingly, despite my size, it doesn’t hinder my ability to service any car, let alone affect the quality of my work. Moving on from the challenges of fitting into smaller cars, let me share my straightforward interests: cigars, anything related to automotive, and farming. It may seem like a peculiar combination to some, but that’s just how I am. Now, let’s delve into my journey into the world of detailing and the reasons behind it.

The “why” is actually quite simple—I love cars. Whether it’s an antique, a stock daily driver, someone’s special project, or a supercar, I simply strive to make them all shine as brightly as possible. I appreciate the simplicity of our everyday vehicles, the passion invested in clients’ projects, and the artistry displayed in those exclusive rides. To put it briefly, my involvement in this business stems from growing up in a body shop during my childhood. This exposure immersed me in the automotive scene, allowing me not only to observe how cars are assembled, repaired, and painted but also to experience the unparalleled passion exhibited by individuals showcasing their projects at countless car shows each season. This exposure continued into my teenage years when my father closed his body shop, and it has carried on throughout my adult life as I’ve witnessed the evolution of the scene, styles, and execution of ever-changing projects. Over time, my passion organically transformed into my profession.

Having gained a strong foundation in the service side of the industry, constantly striving to improve by learning from other exceptional detailers and auto body technicians, I realized the importance of prioritizing customer service. This endeavor, however, posed a challenge for someone as introverted as myself. Consequently, I exert extra effort to maintain transparency in all aspects of our services, procedures, and pricing. Every inclusion is listed, potential factors that could raise prices are highlighted, and so forth, so that you, as the customer, have a clear understanding of what you are purchasing. I also take great pleasure in addressing any questions or concerns my clients may have, ensuring that I deliver the best possible results. If I suggest a particular approach, a specific product, or a limitation, it is solely to achieve the finest finished product while simultaneously setting realistic expectations.

Shannon – Wife/Customer Service

The beautiful woman featured in both of those pictures is Shannon, my wife and partner of over 15 years. While she maintains a full-time job in the dental industry, she occasionally assists in wrapping up some projects. However, her role in Pro Auto Detailing goes beyond that. Shannon plays a crucial role in handling the customer service aspect of our business. Her assistance, advice, and unwavering presence have been invaluable to the growth and success of our company over the past 10 years.