Range Rover Envoque – Opti-Coat Pro Plus

When the surface looks like glass, you know there’s a ceramic coating on the paint. This Envoque has thee most dependable, strongest, and as you can see glossiest coating on the market, Opti-Coat Pro+. Before applying however, removed the “Range Rover” lettering on the hood and rear deck since it had burned edges, and chips in its finish, we then extensively machine Compounded the paint to eliminate severe damage cause by a dealerships attempt at detailing. We then proceeded to take it further with 2 polishing steps to get the paint near perfect+. We reapplyed brand new badges to the hood and deck, filled and corrected numerous rock chips, and locked it all in for good with Opti-Coat Pro+.

Overall, this is exactly what we were dealing without throughout the whole surface of the paint.

Here we have the Before and After Pictures of the “Range Rover” Debadge & Replacement.

When swirls, scratches, and even marring are present, you can see how combined they refract the light coming off of the paint, giving the paint a faded, almost oxidized appearance. Proper correction and the paint is leveled down accordingly allowing the light to be fully absorbed, giving off an incredibly deep gloss and shine to the paint.

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