We’ve teamed up with the incredibly talented team of ADLIS Paintless Dent Repair.  With over 20 years experience removing dents of all kinds, of all sizes throughout the body, ADLIS techs are leaders in expertise, professionalism, and quality, Contact us for estimates & questions today.


Paint-less Dent Repair is the art of taking out dents in the paint without the drastic and expensive measures of having to remove and replace panels, or filling and repainting damaged the damaged areas. Usually the types of dents that can be removed are small to medium sized, but there are occasions where even large dents can be removed.



How do I know when Paintless Dent Repair is best?

Usually if the paint itself has not been damaged and the dent isn’t sharp then it can most often be repaired through PDR. If it is a sharp dent with the paint intact, we can make the dent less noticeable. However if the paint is damaged, or is sharp and you desire a uniform finish, then conventional body shop repair would be recommended. 

How long does Paintless Dent Repairtake? 

Paintless Dent Repair, takes considerably less time to complete than conventional repairs, often completed in hours instead of days or weeks.

How much does Paintless Dent Repair cost

Dent costs can really only be priced in person, and are based on several factors, 1) Size of the dent(s), 2) Severity of the dent(s), 3) Amount of dents present, and 4) Location of dents.
– Single Dents around an inch will be $90 to $120 with subsequent dents on the same panel being less per dent.
– Larger dents are going to be $120 to $175+.

How much does an estimate cost?
Estimates for single dents, or a few dents scattered over the vehicle are FREE. Large scale estimates like acorn dents or hail dents are $75 for estimates. If you choose to have us complete the work, that fee is deducted from your bill.

Large scale estimates take considerable time to tally both number and size and appropriately put together for both customers and insurance companies. Time taken here saves significant time in the future through adjustments leading you to be back in your vehicle sooner.

For insurance jobs, we cannot and will not waive the deductible under any circumstances, this is part of the total. We do not mark up the insurance cost to help waive deductibles as that is insurance fraud. Deductibles are due at time of appointment.