Modesta as a company operates with a simple goal, achieve exceptional improvements in appearance and protection by using high quality,  highly concentrated silica resins combined with top-shelf additions like zirconium and titanium dioxide. Using this approach allows for the application of single thick coats that will not compromise the paint’s ability to flex while offering superior resistance to both man-made and environmental damage. Single coat exceptionally thick coat offers an unmatched candy-like glow that boosts the paints gloss, depth, and clarity.

Modesta BC-08
Neosillica Coating | 2+ Year Durability
Starting at $995

The perfect coating for those who want Modesta protection on their daily drivers without breaking the bank. Modesta created a neosillica coating compromised of a ceramic resin combined with zirconium to create a coating that ensures excellent hydrophobic with self-cleaning properties that also give the paint a nice luster and shine unmatched by other consumer and professional 2 year ceramic coatings. BC-08 is going to be the perfect short term option to protect against both man-made and environmental damage.

Modesta BC-03, BC-04, or BC-05
Inorganic Ceramic Coating |5 to 7+ Year Durability
Starting at $1595

The coatings that started it all. Modesta BC-03, 04, and 05 are all extremely durable pure glass coatings that offer exceptional protection. Each coating has a slightly different chemical make up that offer color-specific improvements as well as different types of surface protection.

  • BC-03 & BC-04 both offer a pure glass resin combined with titanium dioxide, however, each is composed differently to off a better improvement in appearance. BC-03 is going to offer better shine and gloss for light-colored paints, while BC-04 offers better depth and clarity for dark-colored finishes. Both are going to offer warm candy-like gloss once applied and fully cured.
  • BC-05 is also a pure glass resin with better water shedding and self-cleaning abilities while curing to a softer finish than BC-03 or BC-04. This makes BC-05 the perfect coating for vehicles fully wrapped in paint protection film since the coating compliments and improved on the PPF properties without curing to a finish hard enough to impact against the PPF’s ability to flex and move with the panels.

Modesta BC-03 & BC-05 or BC-04 & BC-05 Combos
Extra Thick, Hard & Hydrophobic Combo | 7 to 10+ Year Durability
Sarting at $2,995

The perfect combination of ceramic on the market, bar none. The exceptional scratch and environmental protection of BC-03 or 04 combined with the superior water shedding and self-cleaning properties of BC-05 in one super thick luxurious coating that offers the improved appearance of both coatings without impacting the paints flexibility. Unlike other ceramic coating companies, we do not recommend more than 2 coats of any coating, let alone Modesta superior concentrated and thick coatings. Not heeding this may result in detrimental damage to the vehicle’s paint causing premature clear coat failure.

Modesta BC-09
High Temp Body, Wheel, & Caliper Coating | 2+ Year Durability

– Wheels Facings Prep & Coat Start at $395
– Facings & Barrels Prep & Coat Start at $595
– Wheels & Calipers Prep & Coat Start at $695

The size, condition, and complexity of the wheels determine the final price.

BC-09 was designed to protect wheels from the high heat generated from braking while making cleaning of the brake dust significantly easier to clean by forming a thick hard layer between your wheel and the environment. This layer makes maintenance easier by preventing the bonding of brake dust to the wheel’s finish. BC-09 can also be applied to the paint before the application of BC-04 or BC-05 for even better protection and longer durability with better scratch and environmental protection.


Modesta LPS
Leather Protection System | 2+ Year Durability
Starting at $495

Modesta LPS is a 2 part system that helps protect leather surfaces against stains and liquids. The topcoat is a unique and one of a kind protectant that helps prevent abrasion and dye transfer of the side bolsters on leather seats when entering in and out of your vehicle by reducing the drag between abrasive and surface.