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[text]Frequently asked questions are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular topic.[/text]


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Q: What are swirl marks?[/toggle_head] [toggle_data] [text] Swirl Swirl marks are best defined as blotchy patches in the paintwork when under sunlight. This is the result of products melting and smudging or being activated by detergents. A very common noticeable sight on dark colored cars. When you look into the Sun through your paint, do you see circular and straight lines around and near the sun? If yes, those are swirls.

On the left are swirls in a 2 month old Cadillac that was instilled by the dealer and improper washing – On the right is the result after our 1 Step polish was performed. Restore clarity to the paint along with increasing the gloss.[/text] [/toggle_data] [/toggle_item][toggle_item] [toggle_head color=”normal”]


Q: Why should I use Pro Auto Detailing Services?[/toggle_head] [toggle_data] [text]

For a spectacular service at reasonable prices, At Pro Auto Detailing we treat every customer as a VIP. So whether your car is a family run around or an exotic supercar you can be assured of our best service from your initial phone call to your completed detail because our passion is in our work and our customers satisfaction.[/text] [/toggle_data] [/toggle_item][toggle_item] [toggle_head color=”normal”]

Q: What areas do you cover?[/toggle_head] [toggle_data] [text]

We service all customers willing to travel to our fully equipped shop. When looking for a quality assured detailer, distance should only be a number, not a factor.[/text] [/toggle_data] [/toggle_item][toggle_item] [toggle_head color=”black”]

Q: Can you work in all weathers?[/toggle_head] [toggle_data] [text]

We have a detailing studio so we are able to work in all weather conditions.[/text] [/toggle_data] [/toggle_item][toggle_item] [toggle_head color=”normal”]

Q: What category does my car fall into?[/toggle_head] [toggle_data] [text]

Here are a few examples of each category: Small – Mini, Ka, G-Wizz, Medium – Most 4 door family saloons, Large – Most estate cars, Bentleys, Audi A8, Small 4×4 – Jeep, X3, X5, and Landrover. Large 4×4 Merc R-Class, Audi Q7. 2 door sports cars fall into the medium or large category depending on make and model as they require more detailed work.[/text] [/toggle_data] [/toggle_item][toggle_item] [toggle_head color=”black”]

Q: Are there any restrictions on where you can clean my car?[/toggle_head] [toggle_data] [text]

For safety and insurance reasons unfortunately we only service vehicles at our fully equipped shop[/text] [/toggle_data] [/toggle_item][toggle_item] [toggle_head color=”normal”]

Q: Are you insured? [/toggle_head] [toggle_data] [text]Yes we are fully insured by Statefarm with proper liability and garage keeper to ensure if anything happens to your car we are fully covered.[/text] [/toggle_data] [/toggle_item][toggle_item] [toggle_head color=”black”]

Q: How often do you recommend that I have my car detailed? [/toggle_head] [toggle_data] [text]How often your car is detailed is a dependent  on a number of factors including the climate where you live, the type of paint and interior materials used in your automobile, and the car’s color.  Generally, black cars and those with dark pigmented paint require more frequent detailing than lighter colors.  We recommend a three times per year maintenance program with twice annual visits an absolute minimum.  The darker cars mentioned above should be seen quarterly for atleast a wash and wax to ensure it looks its best all year long, even in our terrible salty winters.[/text] [/toggle_data] [/toggle_item][toggle_item] [toggle_head color=”normal”]

Q: What chemicals do you use?[/toggle_head] [toggle_data] [text]

We only use the finest products from around the world, Like Swissvax, DoDo Juice, AutoBrite, Gtechniq, Collinite, Chemical Guys, 3M and more. Each product used in this shop is extensively tested by ourselves to ensure the product lives up to expectations. Often times we are trying many different products that are newly emerging onto the scene that we’ll ask a customer to test a product for us at a discounted price, but only with the customers written consent do we go about this. If you are not asked then you know only proven products are being used on your vehicle.[/text] [/toggle_data] [/toggle_item][toggle_item] [toggle_head color=”black”]

Q: What methods of payment do you accept?[/toggle_head] [toggle_data] [text]

We accept cash, credit / debit cards and also Paypal, please note these transactions must be completed before the vehicle leaves our premises, standing order, company accounts (T&C’s apply) please ask for details. We no longer accept cheques.[/text] [/toggle_data][/toggle_item][toggle_item] [/toggle]

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