Audi A4 – Intensive Paint Correction & Gloss-Coat

This 10 year old, 100+k mile Audi A4 looks as good as it did when it rolled off the lot for the first time after we completed our Ultimate Exterior Detail and locked it in with Gloss-Coat Ceramic Coating. Machine compounding knocked down years of instilled scratches and swirl marks that caused the paint to appear faded. Machine polishing to refine the paint to its proper depth and clarity. Finally Gloss-Coat for 2+ years of protection from the elements, added gloss, and for ease of maintenance.

We’ve gotten notoriously less proactive with taking “During” photos of 50/50’s, before and after side by sides and we apologize about that. When we’re in a set rhythm dialing in the paint, it can be hard to stop, disrupt that flow, and set up the pictures. However we do our absolute best to take before and after pics. Below is the overall condition of the paint.

Once those holograms, swirls, and scratches are eliminated, the paint reveals a deep wet gloss. 

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